Summer beckons with its promise of warm weather, adventure, and new experiences. For travel nurses, this season also opens a door to exciting opportunities.  Hospitals around the country see increased demand for qualified nurses during the summer months, leading to a wealth of fantastic travel contracts.

But with so many options available, how do you land the perfect summer contract that combines fulfilling work with the chance to explore a new destination? This blog dives deep to help you find the best summer contracts for travel nurses, considering factors like location, specialty, and contract details.

Finding Your Dream Summer Contract As A Travel Nurse:

The beauty of travel nursing lies in the freedom to explore different places. When choosing a summer contract, location is a key factor. Here are some popular summer destinations for travel nurses, each offering unique experiences:

  • Beach Bum Bliss:  For sun worshippers and water enthusiasts, coastal locations like San Diego, California; Miami, Florida; or the Outer Banks, North Carolina, offer the perfect blend of work and play. Imagine unwinding on pristine beaches after a rewarding shift.
  • Mountain Majesty:  Craving cooler climes and breathtaking scenery? Look no further than mountain towns like Bozeman, Montana, nestled near Yellowstone National Park, or Asheville, North Carolina, a haven for outdoor lovers. Hike, bike, or whitewater raft in your off-duty hours.
  • Urban Adventures:  Prefer the buzz of city life? Bustling metropolises like Seattle, Washington, or Austin, Texas, offer vibrant cultural scenes, diverse restaurants, and exciting nightlife. Explore museums, attend concerts, or catch a game after your shift.

Matching Your Skills with Seasonal Needs:

Hospitals often experience staffing shortages in specific specialties during the summer. Aligning your travel nurse specialty with these in-demand areas can open doors to the best contracts:

  • Emergency Room (ER):  Summer months see a rise in ER visits due to travel injuries, recreational accidents, and heat-related illnesses. Your ER expertise will be highly sought after.
  • Operating Room (OR):  Elective surgeries often get scheduled during the summer when patients have more time off.  Travel nurses skilled in OR procedures will be in high demand.
  • Labor & Delivery:  Summer tends to see a slight rise in births.  Travel nurses experienced in Labor & Delivery can find rewarding summer contracts.

Beyond Location: Essential Summer Contract Considerations

While location is a major draw, other factors  contribute to a great summer contract:

  • Contract Length: Consider contracts that align with your desired summer timeframe. Some nurses might prefer shorter stints to explore multiple locations, while others may seek longer stays to get settled and truly experience a new place.
  • Pay & Benefits:  Work with our recruiters to understand your pay rate and comprehensive benefits. Sometimes a slightly less popular destination can offer significantly more compensation.
  • Work-Life Balance:  Look for contracts with manageable schedules that allow you time to explore and enjoy your summer destination.

Summer offers a unique opportunity for travel nurses to blend professional fulfillment with personal exploration. By considering your ideal location, aligning your skills with in-demand specialties, and carefully evaluating contract details, you can land a dream summer contract. So, pack your scrubs, sunscreen, and sense of adventure – the perfect summer travel nurse assignment awaits!